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Trees for Christmas Appeal

Buy trees for families in need on behalf of your loved ones.  Buy any number.  All will be cherished and will provide food for a needy family, plus trees prevent soil erosion.  Select the number of trees you wish to give:

£5 buys 5 trees      £10 gets you 12 trees

£15 plants 20 trees      £20 grows 25 trees

Single trees @ £1 each are only available at our shop.

Read and follow the instructions below before paying for your fabulous gift.

Email your choice of gift to office [at] cartyorkshire [dot] co [dot] uk together with your address & phone number, in case of queries.      Type Trees for Christmas in the message bar.

TO PAY online go to  This our online donations partner site.

  • on the Donate Trees for Christmas page enter your gift’s value
  • tick ”share my detail” so we can identify your payment
  • complete email & personal information fields as required.
  • GA cannot be made on this donation as you are buying a gift.
  • continue as “guest” – you can set up an account if you wish to facilitate other donations
  • once we have confirmed payment, we shall send you a gift card
  • you pass that gift card on to your family and friends.

Online orders will be sent by 1st class post, allow 7-14 days

Delivery is to the purchaser address of only, not your

Mango Tree Plantation Kaliro East Uganda


Final date for dispatch of orders is Weds 18th December.

Terms and Conditions apply – see below:

Trees for Christmas Terms and Conditions:

All funds will be treated as a donation towards the planting of trees in African countries where the charity has existing tree planting projects such as Uganda, Malawi and Cameroon.

Tree types will vary according to local growing conditions, availability and need and hence specific varieties cannot be guaranteed.

The campaign will be featured in our charity shop, on our website, Facebook page and in our Newsletter.

Online orders will be fulfilled by first class post, please allow 7-10 days for receipt. Delivery is to UK addresses and only to the address of the purchaser.

Final date for dispatch of orders by post or online is Wednesday 18th December.

Malawi flood disaster relief

CART sent flood disaster relief to Malawi earlier this year. This photo shows evidence of how funds sent are bearing fruit!

Ghana – Dry Season Gardening update

Very happy to be able to share this report and photos with you: (click to download the full report

“We have been on the field today. Please meet Ziema, a 55 year old married woman from Zukpiri and a beneficiary of the dry season gardening. She is the second of two wives. She has seven children who have all left to the towns around Ghana. She is currently living with her grand daughter found in the pictures attached. She takes care of the grand child from the gardening and have not engaged in travelling around Ghana to her relatives because of the project. She has also given over GHC200 to her son attending boarding school in Ghana’s newly created region of Savanah. Dapula says thank you to CART for the support to alleviate her condition.”

Ghana – Dry season gardening

Good news from Ghana: here are some photos of the dry season gardening. It was very successful: beneficiaries have reported good harvests and more importantly an improvement on their lot.

Going Solar in Malawi

The John and Pauline Trust Skills Centre at Mangochi Malawi have completed the solar electrification of their office. The pictures show the office in the day and at night when the solar powered lights are on.  People have already started charging their cellphones using solar power.