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Ghana – Dry Season Gardening update

Very happy to be able to share this report and photos with you: (click to download the full report

“We have been on the field today. Please meet Ziema, a 55 year old married woman from Zukpiri and a beneficiary of the dry season gardening. She is the second of two wives. She has seven children who have all left to the towns around Ghana. She is currently living with her grand daughter found in the pictures attached. She takes care of the grand child from the gardening and have not engaged in travelling around Ghana to her relatives because of the project. She has also given over GHC200 to her son attending boarding school in Ghana’s newly created region of Savanah. Dapula says thank you to CART for the support to alleviate her condition.”

Ghana – Dry season gardening

Good news from Ghana: here are some photos of the dry season gardening. It was very successful: beneficiaries have reported good harvests and more importantly an improvement on their lot.

Going Solar in Malawi

The John and Pauline Trust Skills Centre at Mangochi Malawi have completed the solar electrification of their office. The pictures show the office in the day and at night when the solar powered lights are on.  People have already started charging their cellphones using solar power.


Bicycling for health in Mudzi Rural District

You might guess that cycling is a healthy activity, Mudzi Rural District Council are using bicycles donated by CART for the health of the community…

BICYCLES-ZM Bike in Malamulo








“On behalf of Mudzi Rural District Council, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generous donation of 20 bicycles to us.

Mudzi currently has 28 health facilities in the district and more clinics are at various stages of construction with the aim of improving access to primary health care. Our Village health workers walk long distances to provide health services to the population far away from clinics.

Your donation today will go a long way towards improving access to health facilities by our communities as well as easing travel by village health workers. We intend to give each ward at least one bicycle.

We would like to assure you that we will put this donation to the intended purpose and we will make sure that these bicycles are kept in good working order to ensure maximum benefit to the people of Mudzi.

Once again thank you very much for your generosity.”

Computer Donation – a thank you from Mudzi

One of the computers donated to Community Project Zimbabwe has reached the beneficiary,  the District Administrator of Mudzi  District where the Moringa and Beekeeping projects are being implemented.

Godfrey Makwembere – For Community Project Zimbabwe wrote to say: “…

This official was very helpful for Community project Zimbabwe to be allowed to work with Mudzi Rural District Council, the local Authority. He was operating  without a computer. This time administration will be much facilitated. Thank you Cartyorkshire – keep up the good helping hand.”


Tree Planting in Uganda 2017-18

The tree planting was carried out very successfully. Please send our most sincere appreciation to the supporters and trustees of CART.  We were able to plant varieties of trees; pine trees, mangoes, oranges, lemons and passion fruits.  We still have more land which is being prepared for next years tree planting.   In Adwir Hospital we have over 30 acres of land ready for tree planting next year.  The photographs of the trees are in our facebook. Please follow the links below.

 In Alemere, Loro and Aneralibi we have over 20 acres of land ready for tree planting. We would be very grateful in next year CART could support tree planting early next year (January/February 2017) so that the trees  are planted in the first raining seasons. The seedlings of the trees is already being prepared which will be ready for planting in the first raining season.
I would also wish to request CART to support the local farmers for rice growing in Adwir. The tractor need another  plough and two rear tyres. This will help us to support the communities in Adwir to plough their swampy land which they could not do it with their hands or ox-plough. They will be able to plough it after with ox-plough one the tractor has open it for them. The plough and tyres requires £5,200. I am therefore requesting CART to help us with the plough and 2 rear tyres of the tractor so that the tractor can help plough the land for the local farmers, youth and widows.