About CART

Christian African Relief Trust is run by local volunteers based in West Yorkshire. It relies entirely on voluntary contributions from generous donors like YOU.  It has no salaried staff in the UK or overseas.

Supporters are assured that supplies are only sent to registered charities or organizations that faithfully oversee the distribution on the ground to the most needy and poor, especially children, regardless of faith, social status, gender age or ethnicity.  The Trustees demand feedback on how your donations have been distributed. The reports make very heart-warming and moving reading – see our Newletters for more details.

Generous donations of blankets, clothing, bicycles, and computers, first aid, scholastic and vocational training items are sorted and packed by individuals or groups. The annual Harvest Appeal brings in dried and tinned foodstuffs, school stationery and other specialist items.

As often as funds allow, a 40ft container is packed full to overflowing ready for dispatch from our Huddersfield warehouse. Each 40ft container costs on average about £8500 to send. The takings from the on-site charity shop pay for running costs and contribute towards the sending of some containers. The cost of sending containers rises year on year, and CART needs to raise £180,000 each year to maintain our current programme. Remember that every penny you give goes directly towards transporting goods from the UK to Africa.


It costs about £25 to handle & dispatch a standard box to African destinations.

YOUR £25 donation can send:

  • ONE Box of clothing containing about 85 items; OR
  • ONE Box of food containing packets of pulses, pasta, rice, and tins; OR
  • ONE ‘Aquabox’ filled with water purifying and emergency aid.
  • 2 wheelchairs OR
  • 2 mattresses OR
  • 2 bicycles OR
  • 2 First Aid boxes

As well as sending much needed basic resources to Africa, the charity also supports an increasing number of development projects that allow people living in Africa to improve their own situation.

Find out why Africa needs CART’s help
The charity is lead by a board of Trustees and a Management Committee.  None of these officers is paid, each has an active role within the charity.  They are supported by a large number of willing volunteers who help run the charity shop, pack goods, refurbish computers, electrical items, bikes and sewing machines.  There are others who fetch, carry and make deliveries, fund raise and organise.


G. G. Tompkins [Honorary President];

J. Cheesbrough,  A. Holliday, B. Matthews, J. Rock,

G. Stewart, V. J. Stewart [Admin & Finance]


Cashier:  J. Sharpe

Shop Manager:    S. Stringer

Chair of Management Committee:  M. Ashurst