Containers 2020

This loading season is particularly challenging due to Covid 19, cash flow and need to consider our recipient organisations and the local “lockdown” enforcement that may be in place at destinations.  All dates and destinations subject to change or rescheduling .  We always load on a Saturday morning starting at 8am and are usually finished by 10.30am.

A full risk assessment has been undertaken relating to loading process; The site will be closed to the public.  Paramount is our desire to protect our loyal, hardworking volunteers from any potential risk of infection.   Volunteers need to wear stout shoes and clothes that do not mind getting wet or dirty! You must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, wear gloves and provide your own unique water bottle for refreshments.  Volunteers will work in team-bubbles of 3  at 2m distance from other teams.  All volunteers must provide their contact details to support “track and trace” in the event of anyone presenting with symptoms.   Please confirm with us if you plan to come along to help.


19 September – Harare, Zimbabwe

17 October – tbc

21 November – Mangochi, Malawi

12 December – tbc 


All dates are subject to review depending on national and local mandatory, advisory and legal requirements for Covid -19 control.