Fabulous Gift Cards

A new design has been added to your choices with a photogiftcard-NEW of a farming family from Malawi.

One of our supporters designed a humorous cartoon based on a drawing by Quentin Blake, [with permission].  Looking into the cellar our chap thinks there is nothing but junk, but there is everything that our charity could use!!Humorous GIFT CARD

Bicycles are used to transport everything and anything in Africa.  We have created two bicycle card options with a Christmas and Wedding theme.  wedding

Gift options range from £5 to £80 in any quantity you would like.



Please download the PDF order form  GIFT CARD-2018 Send it back with your payment and we shall send you one [or more depending on your order] of these unique gift cards for you to give to your loved ones.  It may take up to two weeks to turn around so leave time for posting particularly nearer Christmas time.