Welcome to CART

How is the charity different from others?

  • There are no salaried staff. The charity is run entirely by volunteers both in the UK and Africa. 
  • Every penny you give goes directly towards sending goods to Africa.
  • Administrative costs are covered by revenue from the charity shop or met by the Trustees.
  • Goods are sent to relieve extreme poverty and to support development of education, vocational, medical and employment opportunities.
  • Goods are distributed amongst the most needy, regardless of faith, religion, social status, ethnicity or gender, by local organisers of proven ability and trust.
  • Distribution reports are sent back to the UK and shared with supporters through regular newsletters.
  • Self-help projects are supported in Ghana,  Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

What does the charity do?

  • The charity recycles your unwanted personal, educational, medical and commercial items.
  • Some goods are sold in the charity shop to raise essential funds; others are sorted and packed to send to Africa; the remainder are recycled.
  • The charity depends on you generosity to fund its programmes.  It receives no grants.
  • The charity supports small self help, sustainable projects with known and proven organisations.

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