How it started

Children's clothes from MalawiIn 1982 Guildford Tompkins and his wife Jean sent one box of relief items to impoverished Ghananian students. So motivating were the letters of appreciation and pleas for more help that Mr. Tompkins, a committed Christian, asked other like minded people to assist him.

Over the years he single-handedly established a network of supporters that spread throughout West Yorkshire and into pockets nationwide. As President Guildford is still involved, but the charity is led by a board of  Trustees, organised by a Management Committee and supported by many volunteers.

Many churches and schools, in Yorkshire especially, collect and donate goods which are then sorted and packed by teams at the Lockwood warehouse.  There are a few satellite teams in other areas. Over a hundred volunteers regularly help the charity and hundreds more support it financially.

Find out how to Get Involved

Christian African Relief Trust outgrew its original store, a chicken hut in Lepton, and in Sept 1999 moved into its own warehouse in Lockwood, Huddersfield. This facility was purchased by May 2000 through voluntary subscription and generous donations to raise over £120,000.

Regardless of our opinion of Governments or the situations in which these folk find themselves, their plight is real. The only relief they often receive comes from Non Government Organisations, like Christian African Relief Trust.

CART aims to get to the heart of the matter, providing a “No Frills” support where it is vitally needed. CART works in collaboration with other small charities, agencies and representatives both in the UK and overseas.