Why Does Africa Need CART’s Help?

Caring folk act out of compassion, they do not wait for governments to undertake expensive feasibility studies. The charity responds to requests from trusted people on the ground in Africa.  CART’s mission of service responds to these facts:

  • Much of Africa’s population lacks safe drinking water.
  • Hygienic sanitation is rare, even in the towns and cities
  • Literacy rates are very low, especially amongst adults in rural areas
  • Children face death every year through preventable diseases like malaria and measles, malnutrition, respiratory infections and diarrhoea.  There are thousands of child deaths a day.
  • Most of the world’s known HIV and AIDS infected people live in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Africa’s debt burden is bigger that that of any other region and exceeds their gross export income.
  • People tell us they simply cannot afford to buy the items we send locally.

“Most of the villages have no fresh running water. They get water from rivers, pools and open wells which are not safe. Many die of bilharzia, hookworm, malaria, typhoid, measles and diarrhoea.”

“Meat, chicken and eggs are rarely eaten. These are too expensive. Bread is a luxury and just for special occasions ….because of this problems of malnutrition especially in children and pregnant women are common.”

“The kind of houses we live in is not so good. We use dried grass as our roofs. We build the walls with wood and mud with no windows and no partitions. In such houses a whole family sleeps in a single room.”

“These houses have no electricity. People use small lamps made of tins and bottles. Others get light from grass or by burning rubber tyres. The mud and thatched houses are likely to fall down if there is too much rain.”

“They are desperately sick without money to buy the drugs which are very expensive here.”