2020 Trees for Christmas Appeal

A Gift Beyond Price  Trees for people in need on behalf of your loved ones.  Buy any number, all will  be cherished and will provide nourishment for a needy community, plus all trees prevent soil erosion.

Buy trees –  an amazing gift for families and a gift beyond price for a community in Africa.

Select the number of trees you wish to give:                                  

£5 buys 5 trees      £10 grows you 12 trees

£15 plants 20 trees      £20 nurtures 25 trees

Single trees @ £1 each are only available at our shop.

NEW this year: Order forms for groups who wish to place larger orders are available in store or by clicking this download link ….. 2020 Bulk Order Form.pdf

Terms and conditions apply – see bottom of this page

Read and follow the instructions below before paying for your fabulous gift.

Email your choice of gift to office [at] cartyorkshire [dot] co [dot] uk together with your address & phone number, in case of queries.      Type Trees for Christmas in the message bar.

TO PAY online go to give.net/CARTtrees/oneoff  This our online donations partner site.  Online orders will be sent by 1st class post, allow 7-14 days.

  • on the Donate Trees for Christmas page enter your gift’s value
  • tick ”share my detail” so we can identify you AND your payment
  • complete email & personal information fields as required.
  • GA can be made through this portal
  • once we have confirmed payment, we shall send you a gift card  Delivery is to the purchaser address of only, not your recipients;
  • Simply pass on your chosen gift envelopes to your family and friends

OR send a cheque made out to CART to our post box address together with a note of your order and address.  Final date for dispatch of orders is Weds 16th December.


Terms and Conditions:  All funds will be treated as a donation towards the planting of trees in African countries where the charity has existing tree planting projects such as Uganda, Malawi and Cameroon. Tree types will vary according to local growing conditions, availability and need and hence specific varieties cannot be guaranteed.  The campaign will be featured in our charity shop, on our website, Facebook page and in our Newsletter.  Online orders will be fulfilled by first class post, please allow 10-14 days for receipt. Delivery is to UK addresses and only to the address of the purchaser.  Final date for dispatch of orders by post or online is Wednesday 16th December.