Harvest Appeal 2021

Our 2021 Harvest Appeal is mindful that church and school communities have not met frequently and not been able to plan ahead as they might usually do.  At the time of issue we were unsure whether you could meet together, hold or contribute to a Harvest Event.  But our Trustees appeal in Faith that the parable of the “Widow’s Mite” may inspire us to act: we always have more than we need and offering to the glory of God and to those who have less than we do is the Holy Spirit in action.

Below is a copy of our invitation to support this year’s appeal:



We’ve gone virtual!  In what we hope is an abundance of caution we are taking a virtual approach to our annual Harvest Appeal.  Our theme is FEEDING HUNGRY MINDS.  We are offering groups the chance to sponsor hampers of educational resources for pupils in Africa who, like here in the UK, have a lot of education to catch up on.

You can sponsor one, or many hampers.  There are three different pricing options too:

Please help us by donating:

  • £10 – Student Starter Box – a box of infant or junior educational staples: pencils, rulers, rubbers, solar calculators and paper.
  • £20 – Senior Student Box –  a collection of items suitable for older pupils that may include geometry sets, ring binders as well as statioinery.
  • £40  –  Teacher Treasure Trove – designed to help hard working teachers with stationery, files,  papers and others…

We invite you to take a collection and send us a donation so we can purchase resources or alternatively if you are meeting, collect suitable school stationery items to donate at our site.

  • A power-point  with notes pages illustrates the differences between schools in UK and in rural Africa and what a difference we can make to the quality of education there.
  •   Thanking you in anticipation of your support of the appeal remembering people overseas.                          Yours in faith,  Vanessa Stewart , on behalf of The Trustees of CART

PLEASE click on the blue link to down load our power-point story     .2021-Schools-96dpi