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Tree Planting in Uganda 2017-18

The tree planting was carried out very successfully. Please send our most sincere appreciation to the supporters and trustees of CART.  We were able to plant varieties of trees; pine trees, mangoes, oranges, lemons and passion fruits.  We still have more land which is being prepared for next years tree planting.   In Adwir Hospital we have over 30 acres of land ready for tree planting next year.  The photographs of the trees are in our facebook. Please follow the links below.

 In Alemere, Loro and Aneralibi we have over 20 acres of land ready for tree planting. We would be very grateful in next year CART could support tree planting early next year (January/February 2017) so that the trees  are planted in the first raining seasons. The seedlings of the trees is already being prepared which will be ready for planting in the first raining season.
I would also wish to request CART to support the local farmers for rice growing in Adwir. The tractor need another  plough and two rear tyres. This will help us to support the communities in Adwir to plough their swampy land which they could not do it with their hands or ox-plough. They will be able to plough it after with ox-plough one the tractor has open it for them. The plough and tyres requires £5,200. I am therefore requesting CART to help us with the plough and 2 rear tyres of the tractor so that the tractor can help plough the land for the local farmers, youth and widows.

9 new Boreholes in Malawi

Closing charity Malawi Mission Freshwater in IoM asked CART to identify places in need of a borehole to clear their residual funds.  In total they funded 7 and one repair, CART facilitated establishing reliaADOUS boreholeble contacts of proven trustworthiness and undertaking the administration.  CART additionally funded 2 other boreholes in rural areas of the Anglican Diocese Of Upper Shire hard hit by first floods then drought.

Says Father Eston Pembamoyo:

At Kasonya, Matuwi, Mapeto and Njereza near John & Pauline Skill Centre where a borehole is drilled, men, women and children plucked branches and laid their wrappers on the road just as we do during Palm Sundays.  They sung praising God for sending angels to see their water shortage problem. We were perplexed and would not believe what we heard and saw. In brief, they say THANK to CART and Fresh Water for coming to support them.

Although people from Mapeto and Njereza joined their friends in celebrations for the water, they themselves are further away and are still struggling for safe and clean water. I have attached to this email some pictures from Mapeto Village. I know that it was a miracle in my life to secure funds for four boreholes. I know boreholes are expensive, I do not think it will be easy to help us get more boreholes in future, but should God open hearts remembering water is life .

Through the borehole project, we have preached a lasting Gospel in Mangochi and Zomba. In all the four places I hear that because of nepotism and segregation by political party affiliation and tribalism, areas such as these are excluded from government developments. Many people  now realise that the Church sees beyond tribal, party loyalty or religious beliefs to solve the problem.

I Thank you so much, you have made my work in the service of the community significant, it really makes true of the Scripture in John 10.10b that Christ has come that they people may have life in it fullness.

Click on the link below to download the before and after report from Fr Eston  ADOUS-Before-After