Mosquito Net distribution in Uganda 2011-12

Joseph and father with his treated moquito net

pregnant mothers at Aburkot ward receiving nets

child under 5yrs and Pregnant mother happy


Nets were purchased from a local supplier in Kampala.  Community leaders were instructed as to the importance and benefit of using treated mosquito nets.  Nurses and healthcare workers were trained and distributed nets through an existing network of community health centres and peripatetic clinics at Alemere, Adwir, Amolatar, Alebtong, Epyel and Aburkot.  Vulnerable adults, pregnant mothers and children under 5 years of age were targeted.

Your donations through the 2011 Harvest Appeal was shared.  In Uganda £1000 was spent on purchase, training and distribution of nets.

giving village women nets

children under 5 recieved treated nets at Alemere Medical Aid Health Centre

needy old man, World war one claimant, recieved net at his home in Aburkot ward

Nurse Vicky giving treated moquitos nets to pregnant mothers

healthworkers demonstrate how to use nets
healthworkers share nets at village