CART has funded educational sponsorship programmes in Kenya, Cameroon and Malawi for over a decade. It invests in the innovative Warm Cots Project for premature babies across Tanzania. Other examples of projects you have supported are: 2 chicken hatcheries, 2 piggery, 1 goat rearing, 1 duck rearing; 1 Cocoa drier; 2 juicing enterprises; 3 Mosquito net distribution programmes; 1 chapel roof; 1 bridge repair; 1 carpentry training workshop; 4 micro-finance schemes; more than 15 boreholes; 2 sewing workshops;  3 beekeeping projects; 7 tree planting schemes; 2 maize & bean growing programmes; 1 hydroponic growing project; 1 school minibus.  The Trustee’s goal is to support sustainable projects that have a lasting impact. Some of the enterprises the charity has supported during 2017-18 follow.

Nkonte Widows and Needy Spiritual Association, at Kaliro, Eastern Uganda has undertaken a number of projects over the years.  The Association is a cbo which acts as a pivot for branches and other affiliated organizations. Nkonte’s main roleNKONTE-tree seedlings-2018 is to articulate the importance of development projects targeting beneficiaries, within Kaliro District, including orphans, widows, widowers, the elderly, people with disabilities or having HIV/ AIDS.

70 acres of integrated trees have been planted and some have been harvested to support the association in its running. These trees also included fruit trees especially Mangoes with three harvests on record generating income. The Association has just secured a 99 years lease to manage the Namalemba forest through integrated trees planting with Mahogany, Mivule, Musizi, and other grafted fruit tree seedlings. This will restore the degraded environment in Kaliro and neighbouring districts.

Nabikooli Orphanage HomeNkonte-orphanage-2018 where children receive their education. Many of these orphans are HIV positive.  Donations to the children included sport & scholastic materials, beds, basins and reading books. Some of the children have progressed to higher levels of learning despite of having physical handicaps. The Association has been at the forefront of providing business technical and vocational

educatioNkonte-borehole-2018n and children can now make arts

and crafts for sale.

The charity has funded the drilling of several boreholes and contributed to their repair as the water table drops further.


School MiniBus Cameroon. 

Mbonweh Women’s Development Association has an aim of Cameroon-Minibus-2017providing the gift of education to poor and vulnerable children by providing transport from remote rural locations to the Unique school project. Their mini- bus broke down during 2016 and they applied to the charity to assist with the purchase of a replacement vehicle, without which youngsters would not be able to continue their education.  Generous support from West Bradford Rotary Club helped provide a new minibus.

Tree and Crop planting, near Lira, northern Uganda. UGANDA-trees-2017

Tree planting in Loro has been completed today. A total of 4,000 trees had been planted. Maize & beans are being planted by  between the growing saplings. These food crops will help to provide meals for patients in Alemere Health Centre.  A total of 7,000 trees will be planted in Alemere district providing fast growing species for fire wood and building and fruit trees for cash crops.

Projects from Previous Years.

Micro Finance Projects in The Gambia

Find out how just a small donation can affect change for individuals and communities Micro Finance-Gambia [pdf download]

Coalition for Change Women’s Farming & Income Project in Ghana

The activities and results of this amazing empowering project completed in December 2014.  GHWa Farming Project Report [pdf download]

Warm Cots

 The high death rate amongst premature babies is a real problem and several hundred lives have already been saved by these wonderful devices in our Tanzanian project to make a locally-built, low-tec, low-cost incubators. The project has grown every year since 2011 so that all hospitals and clinics in the Kilimanjaro region now have cots. In 2016-17 sees expansion into the Mara region. Warm Cots solutions have been copied in Uganda, Malawi and Zambia.

Pictures and in depth reports: Warm Cots Project (Powerpoint)  2012-13 update

Sponsoring Education

 This is Maureen, one of the youngsters whose education is sponsored by supporters. Sponsorship schemes operate in Kenya, Malawi and Cameroon. Money is needed to pay for school fees and provide uniform, books and other school supplies. Any amount is welcome as we can pool donations to go towards the schooling of an individual child.


Tree Planting

Tree planting schemes aim to support local communities to meet their specific needs.  Through its Harvest Appeal the charity invested in planting schemes in Uganda, Malawi and Tanzania.