CART has funded educational sponsorship programmes in Kenya, Cameroon, Malawi and The Gambia for over a decade. We invest in the innovative Warm Cots Project for premature babies across Tanzania. Other examples of projects you have supported in the countries we serve are:

2 chicken hatcheries, 1 piggery, 1 goat rearing, 1 duck rearing; 1 Cocoa drier; 2 juicing enterprises; 3 Mosquito net distribution programmes;  1 chapel roof; 1 bridge repair;1 carpentry training workshop; 4 micro-finance schemes; more than 12 boreholes (thanks to Malawi Freshwater Mission); 2 sewing workshops;  3 beekeeping projects; 5 tree planting schemes; 2 maize & bean growing programmes; 1 hydroponic growing project.

The Trustee’s goal is to support sustainable projects that have a lasting impacGoat Rearing in Ugandat on whole communities.  For example, the goat rearing started in Kaliro, Uganda back in 2007.  A total of 12 goats were given to a group of 12 women of whom 7 are widows,  were trained in goat keeping. Whenever a goat delivers a kid or kids, it is passed on to another member outside the initial 12 members. In 2017, 54 women out of the 100 targeted women boast of owning  4 goats or more.

Nkonte Widows and Needy Spiritual Association, at Kaliro, Eastern Uganda has undertaken a number of projects over the years.  Most recently, tree planting. The local tribal chief is so impressed with progress  that he is ceding 10 acres of land for future development – with your help!

Launching recent tree planting

Launching recent tree planting

Widows in the Orange Grove

Widows in the Orange Grove
















KB Foundation Chicken Rearing in Blantyre, Malawi

The K&B Foundation and all the children, we would like to register our sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts to you ever giving hand and support…we are very grateful and proudly to report, we have made a lot of progress in our project.  The chicks are growing fast, soon and the children will start enjoying eating eggs soon.   Once again thank you very much and God Bless you all.


Micro Finance Projects in The Gambia

Find out how just a small donation can affect change for individuals and communities Micro Finance-Gambia [pdf download]

Coalition for Change Women’s Farming & Income Project in Ghana

The activities and results of this amazing empowering project completed in December 2014.  GHWa Farming Project Report [pdf download]

Warm Cots

 The high death rate amongst premature babies is a real problem and several hundred lives have already been saved by these wonderful devices in our Tanzanian project to make a locally-built, low-tec, low-cost incubators. The project has grown every year since 2011 so that all hospitals and clinics in the Kilimanjaro region now have cots. In 2016-17 sees expansion into the Mara region. Warm Cots solutions have been copied in Uganda, Malawi and Zambia.

Pictures and in depth reports: Warm Cots Project (Powerpoint)  2012-13 update

Sponsoring Education

 This is Maureen, one of the youngsters whose education is sponsored by supporters. Sponsorship schemes operate in Liberia, Kenya, Malawi and Cameroon. Money is needed to pay for school fees and provide uniform, books and other school supplies and sponsors receive a photo of the child they support as well as a yearly report on their progress at school. Any amount is welcome as we can pool donations to go towards the schooling of an individual child.


Tree Planting

Tree planting schemes aim to support local communities to meet their specific needs.  Through its Harvest Appeal the charity invested in planting schemes in Uganda, Malawi and Tanzania.